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Mostly consisting of monochrome repetitive linework, Narinna’s drawings come across as both minimal and wrapped in intriguing complexity. As an architect she is naturally interested in spatial representation and yet in her artistic exploration she leaves her background aside to explore the perceptual reading of space. 

Narinna’s thinking line deals in great part with environment of artifice: fragments of the human-made, architecture, the urban; with nature, at times, returning to the scene. For the most part her drawings, particularly her "Colourline grids" series are made up of simple geometric forms, resembling some form of an odd city layout. 

She works mainly on paper, using various media:  two current series of drawings are made with ink / Radical Optimsim/ and  The Colourline Grids is created with oil-based pencils, ranging in dimension from A4 to A1.

Narinna ( Narinè Gyulkhasyan ) was born in 1986 and is based in Rotterdam.



2024 feb - cuurent. colourline grids at lloyd industrials . rotterdam

2023 oct 22- nov 2 . losing ground . art for Artsakh - cloud gallery . amsterdam

2023 june - sep . radical optimism - koffie leute . utrecht

2023 feb 09 - 12 OBJECT rotterdam design show . ff chess set . rotterdam

2022 april 15 - may 9  Trusting enclosure - solo show . westerkade kunstgalerie . rotterdam

2021 dec 03 - 31 kerstsalon . westerkade kunstgalerie . rotterdam

2020 march 9 - july 15  Radical optimism . solo show . blackbird . utrecht

2019 mei 9 - 16  drink&draw (arielle fenton) groupshow figure drawing.  de aanschouw . rotterdam

2017 drink&draw group show wolfaert . rotterdam


2023 nov. designer's winter market  . delfshaven

2023 may 13 illustration market meisje in het wit . louis hardloper . utrecht

2021 sep . designer's summer market  . delfshaven

2020 nov . designer's xmas market . delfshaven

2019 saturday night live painting show . performance bar . rotterdam

2019 monmartre aan het ijsel art-market . nieuwekerk aan het ijsel

2018 friday night live painting show . performance bar . rotterdam

2016 live drawing performance at MTV awards/ Viacom gala event . ahoy . rotterdam

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