The work of Narinna (Narine Gyulkhasyan) is in a space between the contingency of Dada and

nearly scientific inquiry.  She is a trained and practicing architect currently based in Rotterdam.

Her drawings testify to her spatial thinking that is complemented by her training in academic drawing. 


Originally from Armenia, she spent her childhood copying moving images from television into line work and filling books of drawings to entertain her friends. Narinna’s work expresses an architect’s fascination with nature's form. She's driven by the search for the perfect line and is intrigued by the choices made with the pen in hand.

Developing a distinctive style - complex yet minimal, evocative and playful, her portfolio captures a wide range of themes. She works her observations and insights into expressive abstraction, bearing in mind: the suggestion of a story is multiplicity of stories.

selected drawings are currently available at Hutspot Rotterdam and In Forest London 

and on-line art platform een stip

Radical Optimism was on show at Blackbird coffee and vintage Utrecht from March 9 - July 15

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