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Narinna (Narinè Gyulkhasyan) is a practicing architect based in Rotterdam. Her drawings, complex yet minimal, testify to her spatial thinking. She presents space through the eyes of an architect while stepping out of the confines of practice into territory of abstraction. 


Her 'lines of thought' deal in great part with an environment of artifice: fragments of the human made, with nature at times returning to the scene.

Though seemingly at odds with her personal preference for sharp clarity, the play of the orthogonal and the curve, of the orthogonal and the angled combine to lend her drawings an organic feel.

Narinna's current interest in two-dimensional grid, and her thoughts on the safety net of private confinement, are explored in two series presented in the show: Radical Optimism and The Colourline Grids.


2023 june - sep . radical optimism - koffie leute . utrecht

2023 may 13 illustration market meisje in het wit . louis hardloper . utrecht

2023 feb 09 - 12 OBJECT rotterdam design show . haka gebouw . rotterdam

2022 april 15 - may 9 Trusting enclosure - solo show . Maaskoe galerie . rotterdam

2021 dec 03 - 31 kerstsalon . Maaskoe galerie . rotterdam

2021 sep . designer's summer market  . delfshaven

2020 nov . designer's xmas market . delfshaven

2020 march 9 - july 15  Radical optimism . solo show . Blackbird . utrecht

2019 performance bar - saturday night show live painting

2019 monmartre aan het ijsel art-market

2019 de aanschouw – drink&draw (arielle fenton) groupshow figure drawing.06 – 9 t/m 16 mei

2018 performance bar - friday night show live painting

2017 drink and draw group show wolfaert

2016 live drawing at MTV awards/ viacom gala event


Forest London - since september 2019

Hutspot Rotterdam - since may 2019 - dec 2020


+ 316 3098 2091

visual art

graphic art

abstract art


product design

spatial artRotterdam

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