The work of Narinna (Narinè Gyulkhasyan) is in a space between the contingency of Dada and

nearly scientific inquiry.  She is a trained and practicing architect currently based in Rotterdam.

Her drawings testify to her spatial thinking that is complemented by her training in academic drawing. 

Developing a distinctive style - complex yet minimal, evocative and playful, her portfolio captures a wide range of themes. Her thinking line deals in great part with environment of artifice: the fragments of humanmade, the architecture; while at times nature returns into the scene . 

She works her observations and insights into expressive abstraction, bearing in mind: the suggestion of a story is multiplicity of stories.


2021 dec 03 - 31 kerstsalon Maaskoe galerie . rotterdam

2021 sep . designer's summer market  . delfshaven

2020 nov . designer's xmas market . delfshaven

2020 march 9 - july 15 / radical optimism  . blackbird . utrecht

2019 performance bar - saturday night show live painting

2019 monmartre aan het ijsel art-market

2019 de aanschouw – drink&draw (arielle fenton) groupshow figure drawing.06 – 9 t/m 16 mei

2018 performance bar - friday night show live painting

2017 drink and draw group show wolfaert

2016 live drawing at MTV awards/ viacom gala event


Forest London - since september 2019

Hutspot Rotterdam - since may 2019


+ 316 3098 2091