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subtlest inside, monstrous outside

colourline grid systems 

series of drawings

the project is conceived in synthesis between current interest in two-dimensional grid and contemplation on ‘safety net’ of private confinement - perceived immunity our homes grant us in times of global pandemic:
it is an exploration on spatial grid that provides framework for and, simultaneously plays with recurrent architectural elements - stairway, open doorway, windowframe, a threshold: the grid stays neutral but is activated by spatial event

pencil’s texture is counteracting austerity of the grid: stroke of oil pencil gives line the volume, adding to dimensionality of composition itself

subtitle  - subtlest inside, monstrous outside - 

refers to centripetal quality of grid system, inclosing the immune inside (what rosalind krauss called 'introjection of the boundaries of the world into interior of the work' )

2020 - 2021

original drawings,

oil based pencils on paper, signed


off-white acid-free 190g

A3 297 x 420 mm 

A2 420 x 594 mm


featured on aseriesofrooms

IMG inngs.jpg

I  red

grid drawing

II  natural brown

narinna grid systems

III  chestnut and mid ultramarine

narinna grid systems

IV  mars black and fossil grey

color pencil drawing grid



VI lichen green

blue iron A2 web.jpg

VIII  iron blue

blue denim A2 web.jpg

 IX  denim blue

blue ocean A2 web.jpg

X  ocean blue

oo web.jpg

XI forest



XII seaweed

asx087 web.jpg

XIII  chestnut

asx083 web.jpg

XIV  mid ultramarine and purple

sx228 web.jpg

XV purple

img18 w.jpg


red s.jpg


sx 5 web s.jpg

XVIII  dark indigo and fossil grey



uk01 webs.jpg


uk02 webs.jpg


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