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The classical archetypes of chess figures are revisited in their essence in this set. Each figure’s form thus contains clues to its capacity and reach: L-line shapes the knight, diagonals direct the bishop, queen and king follow an all-rounded base of the cylinder, while rook maintains the classical image of the castle form, aiming at orthogonal directions.

All acting figures are equal in height, rethinking hierarchical relation between them, while pawns in front line are half their height.

the concept behind faculty based design is inspired by joseph hedwig . bauhaus and is taken further by consistently applying it to all figures of the chess set

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stacking principle

Figures are designed with unit-based measure, two pawns stacked stand up for an acting figure, while rook and bishop, king and queen form partner duos: three pawn tall. Figures stacked in three unit columns lay into the storage - 7 columns per player.

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