radical optimism

scientific in self therapy
indulgent and generous
then will have time to sleep
it costs you
your immune space
images extremely saturated
effort of the optimum
lean left, lean right, move
hard line and the contingency
and the sickeningly sweet smell of ink
share a cigarette with the study subject
germane and pantomime and vacant mind

german philosopher peter sloterdijk is talking of intense idyll concentrated in the image / globes, spheres II/ in the description of a mosaic from 1st century BC depicting group of thinkers that are contemplating an object in their midst: world’s image in a sphere - its perfect form - the image of global optimum.
‘in the face of the orb, the thinker is damned to optimism.’ ... yet, ‘optimism too is subject to entropy’ ...

series of 26 drawings

2019 -2020.

feltpen and india ink on aquarelle paper Hahnemuhle 425gsm

385 x 285 mm, framed

radical optimism catalogue

/selected drawings were on view at Blackbird Utrecht/

ro 04  |  visible city I

ro 01  |  exit room

ro 12  |  my current literacy

ro 05  |  visible city II

ro 05  |  visible city II

ro 06  |  geometric euphoria

ro 11  |  realm of finite forms I

ro 24  |  long - distance intimacy

ro 18  |  therapeutic situation

ro 23  |  future current

ro 17  |  uneven things III

ro 21  |  intentional city 

ro 03  |  optional geometries

ro 09  |  infantile space

ro 15  |  uneven things I